Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Blog Number 10!!!

Hey Guys!! So, I am slightly stoked about this being my last blog post for English. Not that I don't like doing it, I honestly I don't mind at all, but this just means that My Freshman year is winding down and Summer is almost here!!!!! There is about 4 weeks left and only 7 actual days I have to go! (not including exams) I am very excited! I have One more semester at Bland and then I will be moving on to SRMC for radiology! This semester in English I really enjoyed it! Sweeny is a great teacher. He made class fun and enjoyable! This is coming from someone who hates English too! This was probably my favorite English class I have been in so far (even from high school) Noooooo I am not sucking up, I really did enjoy his class this semester! But I am very thankful that I never have to take an English class again!! :) Now it is time for me to start cracking down and finishing all my papers for my portfolio! I have all my outlines done and the first two written so, well mostly written:) I signed up for the A so I got lots to do before the last day of class! Right now is about when I start getting overly stressed and OVERLY LAZY! I am crunching everything in while my mind is at my beach house!! On top of everything else,  I am a camp director in the summer for the daycare that I work at so I am starting to plan out what fun things we are going to do this summer. There are days were I am working hard getting everything done and then there are days were I tell myself " eh, you have 4 weeks to get it all done" Annnyyywayyyys, I am very excited about the end of the semester and the start of summer! This semester had been great! I can proudly say I will be finishing off with all A's (well as of right now) Well I hope everyone who reads this had a great semester!!! 

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

getting caught up!!!

SO, I was looking at all my old blog post and realized I am missing one! oops! I have no idea what week I missed so I'm just going to blog about what I am doing today.  It is Saturday THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! This past week was a long one! I finally got to sleep in! I took advantage of that and slept in until 1:30. What can I say...I love my sleep! I got a bowl of lucky charms and sat my tail on the couch. It feels good to not have to do anything for the day! I decided since its SUPER nice out today I would also take advantage of the sun and the acres of land i live on soooo I got my bathing suit on greased up and went to the field and laid down to get some sun! Im still soaking up the sun but getting this blog done at the same time! 
this is my sun buddy! His name is Gus!
Blogging it up in the sun!

Blog about class! 3/20

SPRING BREAK IS OVER AND ITS BACK TO CLASS! Spring Break was GREAT but now it is time to get back into the role of classes, homework, and test! It is always hard to get my mind back into school after a break but I always manage to somehow! In class we went over the story we read "The Rape of The Lock". We also tried to come up with all the poetry words we could think of. We had about half the board covered. We had 5 questions we had to answer as a class. The story we read was confusing at first but once we went over it with all of the class and had those questions it became a lot more clear for me! We also got our 3rd essay topic.... FUN! That about sums up what we did in class! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014


My Spring Break was one to remember! I went to Paris, France, with my brother sister and uncle! We left Saturday March 8th. Our flight there was six hours non stop! I have been on an airplane before but it was a few years ago so I was pretty nervous! Our plane was a double decker it was MASSIVE! We had a private driver pick us up from the airport when we landed in Paris. We got there at 8:45am (Paris is five hours ahead.) We were all very exhausted but excited at the same time! We got to our hotel, my sister and I stayed on the 6th floor over looking paris it was very beautiful! We saw all the touristy places like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and a million other places!! We walked so much by the end of the day my feet felt like they were going to fall off! I was expecting the food to be amazing, but it was AWFUL!! When we were back in America the first thing we did was go to cracker barrel and get our grub on!! In Paris there was no such thing as a glass of ice. if you asked for ice they gave you 1 cube! It was an awesome and memorable experience! This was also my 2nd out of class assignment woop woop done with that!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

This week in class! 2/27/14

This week in class we went over the story The Glass Menagerie. We finished watching the play on Tuesday. The play wasn't something I would watch again but it wasn't that bad. It was sort of confusing at first but I think I get the concept now. Basically what I got out of it was that it relate to glass, glass can cut you and so can people. It was all about Toms memories. In class on Thursday we played Jeopardy. the team I was on finished with 400 points and 2 knowledge points! Yep we lost. Anyhoot, Now we have to write an essay on this story! That should be fun...... 

Have a GREAT weekend!! One more week of classes in then Spring Break, all though it feels like Winter break outside! Maybe it will be warmer in Paris because that is where I will be spending my Spring Break!! but thet's next weeks blog topic so BYE! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014


So, I am a little late on this blog. Last week on Thursday I went to Wintergreen. This was one of my beyond class events. I went Snowboarding!! I love snowboarding, but I hate falling! I didn't fall a lot this time but when I did the few times a busted my face!! I went with my boyfriend his friend Jed, my brother and my friend Jordan!.... We ate at this place called the edge! It was quite the experience!! First our food took more than 45minutes to get out, the server never gave us refills, we saw him like two times when he took our order and brought our food to us. The food was good but the service stunk!!! On top of the awful service, I was double charged $14.00 for my meal. I just got that back in my account yesterday a.. WEEK later! The ride home was terrible! Jordan Chris and I were shoved in the back of a jeep for three hours. We ate at Wendy's on the way home but had to go to tim-buck-two to find it! It was an overall great trip! We made lots of memories!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow days are my favorite days!

Hi guys! So I am a little late writing this post but oh well! This past week in class we had our rough drafts due for our first paper. I did mine in outline format because that really helps me get organized. In class, Sweeny had us get into groups and read our papers out loud. We did this so the people in our group could take some notes on what we wrote and then give us some tips on how to revise. I read mine and my group said that I didn't really need to change anything and that I had some good points from the story. We all read ours and gave tips here and there. Doing these groups really helped! Luckily we didn't have to go to school Thursday because of the wonderful snow!!! I spent my snow day snowboarding at Wintergreen!! It was really fun and this coming Thursday I will be doing the same thing and get to use it as an out of class event! Next weeks post will be all about my trip to Wintergreen! Hope everyone has a GREAT week!!! As much as I would LOVE TO WRITE MORE the Walking dead is coming on! bye!! :)